Monday, January 21, 2013

Changeling *poem*

Forever trapped between the worlds
of mortal man and magick.
Warring hopes and dreams
within one mostly human soul
He dances with the spirits
with an eye on what was
and what is yet to be
While keeping one foot
one anchor
in the world of the mundane.
Part of him yearns to be free
to bask in the energy
to weave the threads of shadow and light
into a wondrous tapestry of prophetic vision
and yet...
the earthborn boy still has more generic desires
People to care for, to protect and to teach
To find another heart
that has a cadence like his own.
Human and Other
a continually shifting balance
ever changing- ever moving
all a part of the enigmatic spirit
behind an old soul's youthful eyes

*this is a rough rough ROUGH draft. Please critique and point out anything that seems a bit amiss.

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