Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Salvation? *Poem*

A pitiful creature
in constant pain
shuffling from one destination to the next
tries his best to hide his shame
this weakness within...
It becomes unbearable
He opens his mouth to scream
and all the badness flies in
Darkness and Light
Joy and sorrow
Its too much for him to handle
Drowning in emotion
Choking on the weakness of his humanity
He's dying.
Self control shatters
Panic floods every nerve
Paralyzed by fear
Gasping for breath
Just one clear breath...
He clenches his fists
Nails dig,
into tender palms
Feeling returns painfully slow
Just have to have control
Slowly he gathers the pieces
Puts the puzzle back together
Takes a shaky breath-
and rises to wash his sin,
his salvation
from his hands.

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